Themed Bedroom Ideas For Couples

Bedroom ideas for couples – bedroom ideas for couples themed with color palette; To set the tone for a Parisian-style bedroom, choose the right color palette. For a traditional look, start with pink and black. For added dimension, try a stripe effect on the wall with two different shades of pink. But if you prefer a more sophisticated wall coverings, choose a pink background and add black pinstripes. The whole room, incorporating white as an accent color to help brighten up the space.

For a more unique look, you can substitute purple, turquoise or red for pink in the color palette. In a Paris themed bedroom ideas for couples, there are a number of options when it comes to furniture. Wood furniture is painted white and has elegant details fit the theme well. You can also choose black furniture if there is not a lot of color in the rest of the bedroom ideas for couples. Pieces that can make an impact in a Paris style bedroom includes a vanity, desk and closet. But if you want to channel the feeling of Parisian cafe, wrought iron furniture is a must. Use a padded wrought iron chair at the desk or vanity or place wrought iron stands on each side of the bed.

You can even choose a wrought iron bed frame. If you do not want to put all the furniture, you can also include wrought iron light fixtures evoke bistro feel. When choosing bedding, using the selected color palette to narrow down your choices. For a true Parisian feel, look for a bedding set that has a toile pattern. White and black toile patterns are most common, but you can find other combinations as well. To put the finishing touches on your bedroom ideas for couples, be sure to add accessories. No Parisian bedroom would be complete without pictures of the Eiffel Tower. So frame prints of the famous landmark and other Parisian scenes to hang on the wall.

You may also want to add a tabletop replica of the Eiffel Tower to the room for a fun, whimsical look. Draw or prints that have French words or phrases is a nice touch as well. And decorative hat boxes in pink, white and black pattern not only add to the room’s appearance. But can provide convenient storage. When it comes to lighting fixtures, choose a chandelier to give the room a more dramatic look. A style that has originated with individual nuances of each end is an attractive option. Because you can cover the nuances of toile fabric or another pattern that matches your color scheme.

Best Adult Bedroom Ideas

Adult bedroom ideas private sanctuary of your favorite colors, contain personal memories and express the parts of your personality. Your bedroom is a place where you can spend a large part of your life, rest and relaxation. So focus on creating an area that sets the room apart from the rest of the house. Use color and decorations to pull the style together. Light and neutral color combinations will work with a variety of themes such as the beach, country or modern styles. Pair neutral beige walls with light blue curtains, bedding and carpets to create a clean, basic look. Decorate with items that match your chosen theme. A sea room may feature images of the sea and the beach treasures such as seashells, sand-filled cans, starfish-shaped pillows and small ceramic or wooded boats.

Create sophisticated cherry blossom adult bedroom ideas. The look and feel of these little flowers paired with the deep rich color of the cherry blossom tree bark shines a soothing pink and brown color scheme. Add the cherry blossom mural or wallpaper for an accent wall and paint the other walls a very light pink. Decorate your bed with pink, brown and white linens and place pink flower-shaped pillows on the bed. Antiques, silver-framed mirrors, dark cherry wood or white furnishings would blend well in this room. Framed Japanese print would add to the theme.

Vintage adult bedroom ideas can appeal to many adults. Especially those who love the look of a particular decade of the twentieth century. Paint the room a soothing pale yellow, peach or beige and then decorate with vintage accents that fit the theme you want to create. For example, if you love art deco, the reproductions of the ‘30s travel posters of airplanes, cars, ocean liners and luxury resort. Add streamlined furniture and incorporate abstract, geometric patterns in your fabrics. Or if you prefer “modern” clean look of the 50s, look for bright wooden furniture and accented with touches of aqua and light brown. There are many reproductions available bark cloth fabrics in tropical or “atomic” designs were so popular that you can use curtains and pillows.

Embrace your deepest desires by creating romantic adult bedroom ideas for you and your partner. Paint the walls a light lavender or blue and decorate with soft, silky linens, heart-shaped pillows and lacy curtains. Look for lush, floral prints to frame and features a brass bed with a soft, flowing chapel. Accents such as gilded mirrors and vases filled with silk roses can also add more romance to the room. If you want a more dramatic effect, paint an accent wall plum or other rich, dark color of purple-violet range.