Recycle Pallet For Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedroom Decor Ideas – We return with the pallets as an essential DIY element of the decoration. Inexpensive and recyclable, so far we have seen it in outdoor pots, as a seat base, and as side tables. This post instead will be devoting to the use of pallets in the bedroom decor ideas. In this room, the pallet is basically used to build bedside tables, headboards or mattress bases. There are also those who “scrape” and wrap entire walls with planks or who makes to sleep closer to the ground. But in general, these are the most common uses.

As a mattress, it is great for backs that need a hard base, and in addition, you can get a 2 × 1 if you build the pallet structure so that it is quite wider than the mattress so you can make bedside table or base to support the alarm clock, the mobile phone or a lamp. The only drawback is that you cannot take advantage of the lower recess as a couch. But if the pallets are high enough they can leave small holes that we can use for storage. Given its possibilities of “tune”, you can paint it white, black, colors, or leave it natural wood. Perfect for Scandinavian style bedroom decor ideas or with a vintage touch.

As a headboard, it is not suitable for those who read seated and supported, because the head would rest on a hard material, but if that is not your case is a very esthetic head and can be completed with photographs, corporeal letters or other elements interspersed. You can also join the boards and make a continuous structure (without separation between boards). Either perfectly aligned above or create an irregular line, diagonal, etc. As a bedside table bedroom decor ideas, we can from making a box of fruit with a large background and placing it vertically (leaving the base facing the wall) or create a more complex structure in which we can even include drawers.

If you want to support lamps or other objects and need a solid base. You can place a DM or a glass on the top and you will be perfect. As well as incorporate wheels in case you want to move it easily. For children’s bedroom decor ideas can also prove to be interesting. The headboards, in this case, are much easier to build because of their size. But decorative shelves or even baby cribs can also be creating. In addition, to be able to paint of any color, we can give to this stay the tone that we like.