Decorate Dark Basement Bedroom Ideas

Basement bedroom ideas – If your home has a basement and you want to make the most of the space is a good idea to convert the space into a bedroom. Because the basement tends to be darker than the rest of the house, carrying out some decorating steps that will make the space lighter can provide basement bedroom a warm and relaxing feeling. How to decorate dark basement bedroom ideas; place a bed for the basement that makes the space livelier. A bed frame made of brass can add warmth to the space; a frame of white-painted wood will add brightness to the bedroom. Cover the bed with linens that complement the frame colors. Yellow and orange pillowcases and sheets will look good with a gold button on a bronze bed, and contrasting colors like red and Kelly green makes a white bed even brighter.

Add an area rug to the basement bedroom ideas that includes plush fibers in a vivid color. Choose the most noticeable color in your design systems to liven up the basement space; if you are going for a black and white theme, a winter white carpet in the middle of the bedroom to grab your attention as soon as you go into the cellar. Include a rocking chair or armchair that coordinate with the color of the bed. And put it in the most prominent corner of the room.

Use colorful pillows and blankets to adorn the chair and bed. A light blue blanket draped over the corner of the bed will pep up white sheets; gold or bronze throw pillows in a black or chocolate brown reading chair become the object particularly warm and inviting. Place the wooden shelves to the room – either bookshelves, or one that can be installed on the walls. Then paint the shelves to match your room’s decor. Install small lights in the shelves for something illuminate the basement bedroom ideas and show off all the items you want to display on the shelves.

Include large, colorful vases in the basement bedroom ideas furnishings. Place the vases in the corners of the room, or use smaller varieties to display on the shelves. Fill the vases with synthetic flowers in colors such as yellow, white, orange and red. Then add lights to the room to reduce the darkness of the cellar. Include a bright light illuminates the entire space in a corner of the basement, and place small lamps on top of bookshelves, along with flower vases. Then add flashy curtains for the basement space to cover the windows and add more color to the area. Or, use curtains to cover the pipes or power boxes in the cellar.