Empowering Military Veterans for Lasting Success in Civilian Life



Help our community of Brothers Building Bonds and Bridging Gaps.

Welcome Veterans to Wake the Beast

  • A 5-Week Course
  • Meeting for 1 Hour
  • Once a Week
  • In-Person
  • In Lancaster County

We are uniting, inspiring and empowering veterans to successfully journey forward with positive goals in civilian life.

Special Incubator Class Launches Spring of 2024

  • Limited to only 20 Veterans
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Our Why


At Wake the Beast, Inc. our mission is to combat scarcity mindset and empower military veterans, youth, and adults to reach their fullest potential.

We believe that by providing the necessary tools, resources, and support, we can create a future where every individual feels empowered and equipped to overcome challenges and achieve personal and professional success.


Our vision is to foster a society where scarcity mindset is replaced with abundance, where every military veteran, young person, and adult feels valued, confident, and capable of realizing their dreams.

We envision a world where individuals are no longer limited by self-doubt or a sense of scarcity, but instead are empowered to embrace their potential and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Empowering Our Community

Transformative Impact

Creating Transformative Impact through Community-driven Initiatives

Empowering Communities

Empowering Communities to Thrive Through Collective Action.

Innovative Social Change

Catalyzing Innovative Social Change for a Brighter Tomorrow.

Inspiring Hope

Inspiring Hope and Empowerment in Every Corner of the Country.

Collaborative Solutions

Working Together for Lasting Positive Change.

Empathy-driven Initiatives

Changing Lives,
One Heart at a Time.

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